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From our perspective, every project starts out with a little mystery: What are the rules for building and developing? Who are the people enforcing these rules and what are their individual and collective agendas? How can we expose the maximum opportunity for our client given these constraints? We have worked in 18 states, in 5 time zones, in an endless number of climates using about a dozen different building codes and upwards of a hundred different zoning codes. We know what questions to ask.

The Entitlement Process consists of identifying and removing all Land Use, Physical and Legal Barriers that stand in the way of a client being able to apply for and obtaining a Building Permit. The client is then Entitled or allowed to apply for and obtain a Building Permit. Let IDEA put on its sleuthing hat to discover what is needed for your project.

Zoning Map Amendments, Feasibility Reports, Due Diligence Studies, Zoning Code Analysis, Land Divisions, Adjustments and/or Design Reviews might be required for your project. From assembling a project team, to coordinating project technical reviews such as environmental, engineering and ordinance review, and concurrency reviews, we have the right tools and experience to help you get the approval requirements for your entitlements needs.

We can assist you in solving the entitlements mystery. Let IDEA turn the whodunit into who-can-do-it.

Mystery solved.

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