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The fabric of our work, ingrained in the Mission, Values and Vision, is sustainability.

We believe that all projects can be designed responsibly. In doing so, we feel it is important to make the sustainability goals at the beginning of the design process, when they can be absorbed with programmatic, financial and timeline goals for the project. By utilizing integrated goals at the beginning of the design process, we can capitalize on the synergies between goals to create multi-tasking systems that meet your overall project goals. Integrating goals can aid in maximizing the project value and lower the long-term operational expenses.

In order to achieve this on our projects, we have developed a Pre-Design Charrette process that draws from all key team members. In a brainstorming meeting, we combine all ideas - big and small. By effectively organizing the ideas, we can use them to exhibit what's important for the project and how each goal contributes to your greater vision.

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