Jim Walker
    Director of Architecture

A diverse portfolio - I have been working in this field for 21 years, fifteen of them as a project manager and designer. I've worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from corporate to education, from retail to industrial. Working through these diverse projects has led me to be on e of the most well-rounded architects that I know. My particular specialties have been client management, large project planning and master planning, difficult entitlements, management and design. I understand the processes needed to resolve difficult design and management challenges while exposing the greatest opportunities for the client.

A team leader - As a Project Manager, I have successfully managed multiple projects and project teams through all phases of the Architectural Process. As a Designer, I've always done my best to keep an eye on the big picture. My greatest strengths are my abilities to listen and bring people together for a common cause.

Think Sustainable - My commitment to cost-effective green design helps my clients realize further potential in their projects. I know that all sustainable design concepts should include fiscal responsibility as one of the measures of success. I'm particularly interested in Sustainable Urban Design and Site Development. By helping our clients to think beyond the boundaries of their own property, we can help large developments and campuses to realize great efficiencies in infrastructure while preserving more greenscape for the environment.

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